Chrissy and Darin

Chrissy: 801-897-2662 Darin: 801-628-0050

Home Rebates Realty

Sales Manager/Realtor

Chrissy is Vice President of Marketing for Home Rebates Realty. Real Estate has been a fun and exciting change for Chrissy. She loves combining the marketing with the excitement of watching customers get into the home of their dreams. Plus also being able to give back to the community with a cash rebate!  Not only is Chrissy busy working, but she is also loves to volunteer and be involved in the community.



Darin is a Real estate agent specializing in new construction, and land development. The ability to match a consumer, customer, company, or clients expectation to an over delivered outcome . Resulting in unsurpassed customer satisfaction, which then results in repeat and referral business. Understanding that customer satisfaction is paramount to being successful. The ability to delineate, and convey the advantages of my product and or service while minimizing the completion. Maximizing market share growth opportunities by cultivating/leveraging partnerships.
The Team
As a team these two dominate the real estate world. They make sure you are taken care of as a client. And as an realtor they are here to train you to be the best! You can't beat this dynamic duo.